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I searched for a programme that would help to boost my career path and discovered The UWI Mentorship Programme.


Social Sciences student volunteering for change


AT FIRST GLANCE, Tamieka Morris appears to be an unassuming young woman who quietly goes about her daily student life. However, speak to her only once and you will recognise in an instant her passion for people and advocacy; glance at her twice and you can identify the gait of a powerful leader on a path to making the world a better place.

Morris is a final year Social Sciences student, pursuing an undergraduate degree in Sociology, with a minor in Gender and Development Studies. Having started at The UWI, Mona in 2013, she became a part of The UWI Mentorship Programme, which is coordinated by the Office of Student Services and Development (OSSD) on campus. “I searched for a programme that would help to boost my career path and discovered The UWI Mentorship Programme. The programme gave me the opportunity to interact with more people and aided in my growth through vision mapping.” She told UWIMONA Now that the mentorship programme also boosted her confidence and compelled her to socialise more with others. This formed the foundation of her current path as a volunteer.

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searched for a programme that would help to boost my career path and discovered The UWI Mentorship Programme

In 2013 she became a youth coordinator for Quality of Citizenship, Jamaica. This non-profit organisation is one that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all citizens, especially the LGBT community. Their aim is to create a safe space in which lesbian, bisexual and women who have sex with other women can share emotional, social and other issues they are facing without fear of judgment. Tamieka recalls an incident as a passenger on a bus on her way to school. The driver refused to stop for another passenger due to her sexual orientation. “Regardless of her sexual orientation, the woman needed to go to work,” Morris said. “It is because of incidents like these that I decided to be a voice to lessen the stigma against LGBT people and women in general.”

Having become an outstanding advocate, Morris was recommended in 2014 to be a part of the Advocates for Youth Network that works in developing countries and the United States. Urooj Arshad, Associate Director of International Youth Health and Rights, recommended that Morris share her views at the Advocates For Youth Annual Conference in Washington, DC Morris was given a golden opportunity and a chance for a memorable and impactful experience on this all-expense paid trip from September 16-23, 2015. Over the course of the conference, Morris networked with other advocates from Kenya, Pakistan, Kurdistan, and the United States.

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